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We are a family owned business located in Southeast Oklahoma. Here at Adorable Puppies, we strive to raise healthy, happy and spoiled yorkie and maltese puppies. Adorable Puppies For Sale we raise adorable yorkie and maltese puppies. We have tiny teacup yorkie puppies for sale, maltese puppies for sale in Oklahoma. Each one of our puppies are raised around our family as well as our grandchildren. They are all completely vet checked and up to date on all vaccinations before they leave for their new homes. Check out our Yorkies and Maltese pages above to see what we have available. Let us help you find the perfect puppy for your family. 

About us

We have raised Yorkies and Maltese breeds here at Adorable Puppies for 15 years. We have worked long and hard on our program and are extremely happy with our progress so far, and we see it only getting better in the future. We are excited to bring to you happy, loving and most of all healthy both Yorkie and Maltese pups. Each one of our babies have been socialized and well taken care of. We most generally keep our puppies until they are 12 weeks of age, for the sole reason of making sure that the pups are very well socialized but most of all healthy. A healthy pup now means a lifetime of enjoyment of their lives as well as yours. We have made it our sole mission to raise quality Yorkshire Terrier Pups and Maltese Pups that will bring you a lifetime of happiness.

Most generally the Yorkshire Terriers as well as our Maltese Puppies we raise are small in size ranging from 3 – 5.5 lbs. grown. Our Maltese and Yorkie Adults have genes that produces what most people refer to as tiny or teacup puppies. These you will find much more expensive that the average size pup, although they are healthy they are much harder to raise, they require more care. If you are interested in a Yorkie or Maltese of this caliber, please be aware that we keep them until they are much older. As well as we recommend that our puppies go to a home where they will be supervised at all times and we prefer them to go to a home with no young children.

We want you to find the perfect puppy for your family! We feel that if you want to bring a new addition to your family, we want you to be well information about the care and maintenance of your new pup. That is why you will find we have posted several pages on our site to provide you with the information that you will find helpful once you have decided on bringing a new Yorkie or Maltese Puppy into your home.

We know it is sometimes confusing when shopping for a puppy, where it be a Yorkshire Terrier Pup or a Maltese Pup. When considering a Yorkie Puppy, there are so many colors to choose from. Yorkie puppy colors are Black and Tan, Black and Gold, Chocolate, Golden, Parti, Chocolate Parti, and Golden Parti. Below you will find pictures of the colors we have had here at Adorable Puppies for Sale. Most recently we have had a Golden Yorkie with a Chocolate or Liver colored nose. After choosing a color of Yorkie, then you have to decide on what gender, and even what size you want him to be full grown.  When you look through the puppies we have to offer, just remember that they will arrive completely vet checked, socialized, spoiled and above all else healthy! 

If you have any questions about our Maltese or Yorkie Puppies for Sale, don't hesitate to text or call (760-201-5654) or email us on our contact us page.

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Adorable Puppies For Sale

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